Analog Signal Simulator

Read in analog signals and then send them back out slightly modified with 12-bit precision.  That is what your Analog Signal Simulator was built for.

ASS prototype

Take the SPI_ADC project and the SPI_DAC project, combine them, and this is what you get, one fine Analog Signal Simulator.  This is both of them wrapped into one complete project.


There is an LED for the power indicator and another for general purpose use.   The switches are optional.  Switch 1 is momentary normally open and switch 2 is a latching toggle switch.  The intent is that the board would fit a few different needs with one single hardware design.  Diversity is added through software.


The board is built for a Serpac CH8 enclosure.  Analog signals are kept at the top near the input to the board so that the traces are as short as possible.  The voltage regulator / power input is on the right side of the board.  The processor is at the bottom with the SPI bus kept on the left side.


Click here to download ExpressPCB circuit board design for ASS

Click here to view bill of materials with prices and op temps

Click here to download the Arduino source code 

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