Hard to believe this used to be a brown interior, right?  I can attest to the fact that I had some serious luck at the junkyard.  The passenger seat and the dash, both mint, no tears or cracks were randomly stumbled into.  The driver’s seat is a new/used skin over the car’s original brown skin.

I’m a fan of less weight, so the interior was gutted down to the HVAC parts and not all of it made it back into the car.  The biggest part left out was the carpet.  With everything removed I painted from just below the dash with 3M Ruberized Undercoating.  Stunk bad for about a month, but a can of air freshener and leaving the windows down for about a month fixed that.  🙂  The Ruberlite Black floormats from were a great touch to this.  Its a louder ride but I don’t mind it since I don’t take this thing on road trips anyways.  The dash was completely taken apart so I could take a garden hose to the vent ducts and clean out the dust.  Even the vents were taken apart, cleaned, and lightly dusted with VHT Nightshades to make them darker and appear glossy.

I used Duplicolor Black Vinyl and Fabric paint on the carpet on the door panels, the top of the dash, the speaker covers, and the top of the door panels.  Notice in the picture how the top of the door panel is black?  Seemed to flow very good with the dash’s black top.  I went to for the light grey interior paint to touch up all the other grey parts I had.  Anything else, like the gauge cluster housing, door handle surround, and electric switches were painted lightly with VHT Nightshades.  It makes the dark charcoal color turn almost black and give it a permanent gloss look.  I don’t drive the car much.  It is garaged, but after 2 years all of that paint work still looks good.

One thing I wanted to do something about was the original center console.  It was ugly and poorly thought out that I wanted it gone.  Originally I put in a touch screen that was running an Intel® Desktop Board D945GSEJT with all of the guts located behind the seat.  The operating system was using Ubuntu.  The receiver was a pioneer and also behind the seat.  My big plan was to have a PC so that I could run Tuner Studio with the MegaSquirt engine controller that I intended to use (same one used for my Z26).  The screen folded down to reveal the HVAC controls. It was all working for a while, but I realized how bad touchscreens are when I almost died everytime I tried to use the thing while driving.  Now I have a different center console with just a Pioneer and an HVAC system.  I also replaced the 12V outlet with a gauge for my LC1 wideband lambda controller.

For the plastic parts I made I began with a 3/16″ – 4′ x 8′ sheet of ABS.  For about $50 it was a great deal.  It has served all sorts of purposes and you don’t need much more than a hot air gun and a saw to work with it.  The sunvisors were pretty simple, and again, the original ones were turning to trash.  The frame was reused, painted, and I added some shiny new rivets.  I do not like how the center arm rest comes to an end, but I had no use for ashtrays anyways.  Plus all of the shifter surrounds are all pealed to hell.  Then there is the matter of the plastic skeleton that runs front to back under those OEM panels.  Mine was literally disintegrating.  Doing without all of that shaved off maybe 95lbs of bolts alone.  Now it is much easier to service too.

The exposed metal on the seats was also painted black to help clean up the inside details.  The picture above is before painting with the skin removed. The diagram above is for my own sake so I remember whats what, also, you could use that to wire in your own LC1.  It would be a cleaner diagram if I had any yellow or purple wire of my own.  The PC parts, again, was temporary.  It was  fun for a little while, you know, until the almost dieing thing.  It was the slimmest setup I could rig up.

Once I get the new-er steering wheel installed and the LED gauge completed I will repost some new pictures.

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