Once upon a time I owned a 1994 Beretta Z26.  It was my first car in 1998 at he ripe age of 16.  By 2007 I had spliced, welded, and dinged the car enough that it was time to get rid of it.  There is still a cardomain page setup for it which I haven’t touched since about 2003.

Chevrolet Beretta Z26 - NASCAR edition

The Z26 at a Berettafest (thats a real event)

The only big thing not mentioned on that page is that I built, installed and tuned a V3 Megasquirt stand alone engine controller.  After a few years of working out the kinks the car was respectably fast.  Launching never went well for me with the wheel hop, but second and third gear were a riot.  I never had it dynoed and I never took it to the dragstrip after it was in its best shape.  I did have several rolling races with a friends SRT-4 Neon with a stage 2 kit running 100 octane (300hp). Here is a clip of how that went if I started in 3rd gear at about 30/35mph:


The quick list of modifications are:

  • 3.4 V6, pushrod, year 2000
  • Getrag 282 5 speed manual swap with Spec stage 3 clutch
  • Custom EATON M90 supercharger setup
  • Tight suspension with poly everything
  • Lost about 200 lbs

How not to have a good looking engine bay

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